Warning: We are not your typical dog bed company…we are experts in large breed dogs!

Who we are…

How did BAD Company come about? It’s been years in the making: a 150 acre horse farm, a large family that included 3 brothers, a family steel company, a pack of Irish Wolfhounds, an engineering father, and an artist mother – the results? The perfect inspiration to start the coolest dog bed company ever!

All of these things have led me to starting a company that features no-nonsense, well engineered, and stylistic pieces for large breed dogs. Growing up on a horse farm with three brothers amidst a family-run structural steel company, one begins to see things in terms of strength, durability, power, structural soundness, style and innovation. (Having a Harley loving brother just adds to the stylistically inspiring part.) But, more importantly, having experience in almost every aspect of Irish Wolfhounds: ownership, raising, breeding, training and showing, certainly paves the way for the greatest large breed dog company!





A person born and raised with Wolfhounds, I continue to grow the legacy my family began 45 years ago with my husband Shawn. With his engineering background Shawn has contributed much to mastering design principals for our company. With my years of large breed experience and his engineering mind, we believe we are the ultimate duo as we create top-notch products with a cool style for all large breed dogs.

As a fellow big dog owner, you probably see things differently than many other smaller dog owners. You probably consider size, durability, what’s a good investment, a cool look and things that naturally stand out from the ordinary. You look at what best suits your big guy’s personality and needs. As one who is dedicated to providing the best for your dog we feel that BAD Company can fulfill these specific needs. As we like to say here:

You’re in good company with BAD Company!


Shawn & Tia

The Big Ass Dog…

You Know Who You Are
Big…Tough…Invincible…Powerful…Iconic…Thrill-Seeking…Adventurous..Oh yeah, and did we mention the Cat’s Meow?(Ummmm…sounds yummy. Like in an afternoon snack kinda way!)
Well, you get what we mean. Your the type that walks down the street and make heads turn. You know, the type “some can’t wait to meet while others keep a safe 20 yard distance just in case” kind of guy. That’s you!
You Know what you want
A big ass juicy hunk of cow (Just what is Soy anyway?). Alright! Maybe this isn’t that kind of site but a guy can dream can’t he?!
Alright. Seriously. My own sofa. Why not?? When I stretch out I’m just as big as you. Well, at the very least a dog bed that has all of the comforts I deserve. You know that kind of bed that doesn’t sink to the hardass floor as soon as I stick a paw on it. (Why don’t you sleep on the floor for a while?) The kind that I can stretch out anyway I choose. The kind of bed I can get as dirty as I like and you won’t give a kitty. (Yum. Food again.) I’m thinking tough like a well-worn Carhartt jacket but something still classy and sleek like an Italian leather sofa…Hmmmm…dreamin’ again.
And Collars…yeah. Let’s talk about those. If I gotta wear it can’t it at least be cool? You know, something like leather that screams I just rode into town on my smokin’ Hog in a don’t mess with me black leather jacket.