Big Dog Beds and more!

The Winter Gothic Collection is all about luxury for your winter hound!


Moving beyond just big dog beds, this stunning collection features gorgeous designs that uses intricately detailed jacquard materials adorned with fine silver threads, rich textures, and sleek colors reminiscent of a winter’s night! This collection perfectly brings both exquisite winter beauty and luxurious materials all together in one collection.

It’s all about attention to detail as every trim and material is perfectly matched bringing a gorgeous cohesiveness to the collection. There are 6 styles built into the collection with each style offering an array of coordinating products. BAD Company has added many new products in this collection with featured dog collars, leads, and even soft blankets for your hound all of which represent the 6 different Winter Gothic looks!

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Of course with all of the new things this collection brings we haven’t forgotten about our key product, our legendary BAD Bed, the best big dog bed available!

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All BAD Beds come in our standard XXL dog bed size of 54″ x 36″ x 6″. We have found this to be the perfect size for any large breed dogs, not too small, not too big! (In fact, we believe anything bigger might be compensating “wink, wink!”) Truly the best XL dog bed for Great Danes, Wofhounds, Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, Akitas, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, Leonbergers and more!

BAD Beds are made from a high density foam calibrated for the big guys! This foam provides larger dogs all the comfort and support they need! Each BAD Bed also includes a finished addition of a PolyFil batting to give your dog a “pillowed Sofa” sleep!

XXL dog bed with OrthoDensity Foam

Big dog beds with OrthoDensity foam

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BAD Beds feature a specially engineered “under-the-bed” hidden closure to deter chewing.

BAD Beds feature machine washable covers (cold cycle/air dry) that are easy to remove so dog bed maintenance is a breeze!

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As you look at the dog bed designs you will see two different types of materials.

#1. Canvas. This is a heavy duty canvas duck (think a nice rugged Carhartt jacket) that stands up to daily wear and tear well. A great option for non-destructive types and/or those who are a bit rougher but not trying to “kill the dog bed” type!

#2. HyperD300 Nylon Ripstop. This is perfect option for the rougher crowd with its chew proof functionality. This material is fully waterproof and an absolute dream to maintain! A great choice for big dog owners who like to maintain a clean and odor free dog bed! The material naturally repels most fur and stains but for daily care these dog beds can easily be wiped with a damp cloth. You can even vacuum the beds when doing weekly house cleaning to keep hair and dirt away.


 time to look at the beautiful big dog beds, collars, and more featured in the Gothic Collection! these will only be available for a limited time!

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