90 Day Tribal Guarantee
When you purchase a BAD Company dog bed, you become a part of the BAD Tribe. And the first rule of a tribe is: The Tribe takes care of its own. If you are not 100% satisfied with your BAD Company dog bed, we will do everything we can to make it right. (We want you to remain a member of the tribe.) We understand that it is not uncommon for a dog to need a little time to adjust to the newness of his new dog bed so we provide him time to get to know his bed.  However, if after 90 days you choose to, you have the right to leave the Tribe and return your bed with no questions asked. You can return the dog bed and receive a full refund and, we’ll cover shipping charges as well! We stand behind our 90 Day Tribal Guarantee! *All returns must be made in the same packaging as the dog bed originally came in. Please hold on to the box and bag used for shipping. Buyer is responsible for packaging dog bed for shipment and providing necessary shipping items if not using the original. **We can not accept damaged items with damage to foam such as: urine stains, water damage, chewed foam.

90-Day Chew Proof Guarantee. ****Please note. This guarantee is only available for our Standard Nylon Ripstop BAD Bed. We cannot offer any guarantee for any dog bed in canvas and/or with the Topper options. 

We know what it can be like with the rough and tough crowd. It can be frustrating finding any type of bed options. We’ve worked hard looking for the very best resources available to help with this destructive type. We feel we have one of the best options available with our design and HyperD300 Nylon Ripstop material. If, (worst case) you purchase a BAD Bed and your dog chews it within the first 90-days we will send you one free new replacement cover. We’ll even cover the shipping charges! (No replacement on damaged foam) It is important that you immediately move the dog bed out of your dog’s surroundings if you begin to see any signs of chewing and/or bed damage. It is our goal to have happy 4-legged friends and their owners! If your dog is able to destroy the second/replacement cover in the 90-day trial, we offer a 50% refund off the original paid price on the the dog bed. (excluding paid shipping charges) We like to work with you to find options that work!!! Please contact us right away so we can find good viable solutions.

10-year “Stay-Comfy” foam warranty. We want this to be the only investment you ever have to make in a dog bed. So, we offer a “10-year stay-comfy guarantee” on the foam. In other words we guarantee that the foam will not break down and flatten out over time. If the foam flattens more than 2 inches/30% we will replace it free of charge! (Some minimal breakdown is inevitable over the years.) *This guarantee applies only to the life of the foam density and does not apply to any damage done by the dog.