We have a winner!!

Congratulations goes to Joy and Luna for their beautiful entry “Daydreaming.”

The Big Dogs Big Hearts Black & White Photo Contest

We Will be announcing the official Runner Up winner very soon! We will be sharing the results on Instagram, Facebook, and through our Tribe. Thank you so much to all who participated! 

If you had fun with this contest we have a lot more to come! Consider joining out Top Dog Tribe so you will be the first to know about them!

Big Dogs Big Hearts Black and White Photo Contest

Fun for any and all big dogs!




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Will You Marry My Dad?
by Aubrey Johnson
Contest is finished!
Will You Marry My Dad?

Aubrey Johnson

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So, what do you think? Did you see a favorite big dogs photo? Did you vote? We’re having a BLAST with the Big Dogs Big Hearts Photo Contest and hope you all are too!